Asset Services

Ultra Assets

Hub Culture Authorities are regulated organizations with the ability to issue Ultra Assets, via the Tokenizer, a Hub Culture proprietary technology. Ultra Assets include tokenized currencies and a growing list of other real world assets. In order to trade Ultra Assets, including uFIAT, (like uUSD, uEUR, uGBR uKRW, uRMB) and other uASSETS, you will need to open a trading wallet for custody and storage. This trading wallet is connected to your core HubID Vault, which is also a place to store your public keys for digital assets traded on Ultra Exchange.

OTC Trading

Private clients are able to access OTC and Escrow services provided with Ven through Hub Culture. In these special situations, clients who have passed KYC and AML requirements with their HubID are able to place orders for private placement with funds escrowed with Hub Culture Agree, a digital contracting service provided at Both parties receive an executed real-time copy of the contract, and upon completion Hub Culture clears the escrow funds between the parties to complete the trade.


The service is available for pre-qualilied amounts and available in all assets for which Hub Culture Syndicates are available, as well as selected pre-sale and pre-ICO deals to which Hub Culture is a buyer. A list of qualified OTC assets is available here.

Special Advisory

The Ven ecosystem includes a pipeline of connected products and services being built for a decentralized world. Hub Culture accredited investors have access to private pre-sale opportunities and advisory services in many areas. Click here to see a list of our ecosystem partners.