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How do I deposit Das?

  1. Register account on Ultra exchange
  2. Log in to your account on Ultra exchange
  3. Verify your account and complete the KYC process to perform Deposits/Withdraws
  4. Find DASC in the list and click Deposit
  5. Click on Deposit
  6. The Front End will display 2 text fields
    1. The "Exchange Account" address to which the funds have to be sent
    2. The ID assigned to your user name. Please enter this information in the Memo Field
  7. In a new tab, log in to your WebWallet account
  8. Enter the destination/ To address with the "Exchange Account" copied from Ultra exchange website in step 6
  9. Enter the amount to be sent
  10. In the memo field, enter the ID assigned to your username
    (This is important for funds to be deposited to the correct account)
  11. Click the "Continue" button
  12. On the next page, review your information and click the "Submit" button
  13. Confirm your transaction on the Validator device
  14. Click the "Confirm" button on the WebWallet website
  15. Log in to your account on Ultra exchange
  16. Click on my accounts and verify the account balance

How do I buy Bitcoin?

  1. Go to "Buy/Sell"
  2. Select the amount you wish to buy
  3. Choose the wallet you want to fund
  4. Choose your funding method
  5. Confirm your order and click "Buy"

How do I sell Bitcoin?

  1. Go the "Buy/Sell"
  2. Select the "Sell Bitcoin" tab
  3. Choose the amount you want to sell
  4. Choose the wallet to sell from
  5. Choose the account to fund
  6. Confirm your order and click "Sell"

How do I send Bitcoin?

  1. Click on "Send/Request"
  2. Enter the amount to send
  3. Enter the recipient's Bitcoin or email address
  4. Add a note
  5. Click "Send Bitcoin"

How do I Request Bitcoin?

  1. Click on "Send/Request"
  2. Click on the "Request Bitcoin" tab
  3. Enter the amount to request
  4. Enter the sender's Bitcoin or email address
  5. Add a note
  6. Click "Request Bitcoin"

How do I deposit money into my account?

  1. Click on "Deposit/Withdraw" link
  2. Click on the "Deposit" button for the account you wish to deposit funds to
  3. Fill up the short form
  4. Click Submit

How do I deposit Bitcoin into my account?

  1. Click on "Deposit/Withdraw" link
  2. Click on the "Deposit" button for the Bitcoin account you wish to deposit funds to
  3. Select the Bitcoin address to send Bitcoin to
  4. Enter or Scan the Bitcoin address into your wallet and submit

What is the future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a ground-breaking protocol, capable of changing how we buy and sell goods and even more, including the way we vote, identify ourselves, support causes, and have a huge impact on the world economy. We are at the bringe if incredible innovations.

Can I use Bitcoin anonymously?

It is not completely anonymous, but offers a great level of privacy together with transparency. It's not as anonymous as hard-cash, but its significantly more than credit card or bank transactions. Also, there are tools available and under development that promote privacy through Bitcoin, as well as technologies to protect against financial corruption and voting systems.

Can I walk into a store and buy using Bitcoin?

Yes. Real stores are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment currency, and its number increases by the day. Many online services offer convenient applications for both the consumer and the store to buy and sell very easily using Bitcoin. Now you can find many ATMs selling Bitcoin, but the number of 2-way ATMs (the ones that sell and buy) is increasing.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Similar to gold mining, Bitcoin mining is the process by which you digitally dig for Bitcoin, by running special scripts with algorithmic equations and hash functions that verify transactions on the blockchain. This process allows the confirmation of transactions, and adds new Bitcoin to the blockchain, and as a reward the miner receives Bitcoin.