Ultra is a groundbreaking exchange system for digital assets


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Fast, simple, safe

Our process is extremely simple and suitable for everybody who wants to enter the world of digital currencies.

Setting standards

Compliant with Bermuda Standard codes of global best practice and the Windhover Principles for self-sovereign identity management.

A Global Community

Ultra is managed by Hub Culture, a global community founded in 2002. We enable collaboration with a network based on relationships and a new kind of money, Ven.

The easy way to buy cryptocurrency

The process of registration to your first purchase takes just three simple steps:

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Create a HubID to manage a verified account and wallet where you can keep your digital assets safe.

Connect your bank account

Connect your bank account, so you can trade your local fiat currency (€) for cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Buy digital currency

Buy some Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ven and other digital assets to get a slice of the future.